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With the enormous popularity of cruise ships these days, it's likely that a child you know has already taken a family vacation aboard a big cruiseship, or they soon will.


With so many activities aboard cruise ships, from surfing, to dancing, to rock climbing, and games, kids will identify with the characters in this book who create their own fun by playing hide n' seek with each other and having all sorts of fun aboard the huge oceanliner, the S.S. Rottensteamer.


If you're looking for a book about cruise ship vacations, family vacation fun, ocean adventures for kids, coloring books about ships for kids or fun stories for children about traveling on a big oceanliner, Orelda and Corelda's Ocean Voyage is a great gift, vacation souvenir activity book for children traveling on a cruise ship or looking for a story aboard an oceanliner.

orelda and corelda's ocean voyage coloring book for kids

Book Type: Picture Book, Coloring Book

For Ages: Children 4-8

Main Characters: Orelda, Corelda, Oradillo, Peanut Butter

Synopsis: Sisters travel on their first cruise ship family vacation only to discover a friend from school is also aboard the ship.

This childrens book is a great gift idea for: Kids going on a cruise ship, kids taking a family vacation on a ship, kids who just returned from a cruise vacation, kids who love peanut butter, kids who love playing tricks on each other, children who love ocean adventures, birthday gifts for boys and girls.


Taking a family vacation aboard an oceanliner?

This kids book makes a fun introduction to children about to set sail on their first ever cruise ship experience. Filled with fun and games and tricks and treats, Orelda and Corelda's Ocean Voyage is a fun book to get kids excited about traveling on a big ship.



Set sail with Orelda and Corelda on a high seas adventure aboard the S.S. Rottensteamer. The sisters board the mighty ship with no idea that a friend from school is also on the boat. When they finally run into each other the trick playing begins. Join in the fun as Orelda and Corelda try to trick Oradillo, and Oradillo, in turn, tries to trick the girls. In addition to tricks there are plenty of treats, and a fun trip is had by all!

A Coloring Storybook for Children ages 4-8. By G. Nazarian and L. Nazarian.


Cruises For Kids - Fun For The Whole Family
By Thad Pickering

For a long time vacation cruises have been considered mainly for adults and couples, but the cruise lines of today are rapidly changing all of that. Today, virtually all of the major cruise lines make cruises available that would be fun and enjoyable by all in the family, including kids. They offer a little something for everyone, so there is no reason that anyone in the family would ever be bored on one of these floating vacations. Let see what cruises for kids has to offer for your family.

The cruise line activity list for kids varies from one cruise to another, but they often include fun activities like pizza parties, water slides, miniature golf, video arcades, lots of games, magic shows, sports, science projects, art classes, and a lot more. All of this is of course, in addition to the swimming pools and jacuzzis on board that kids just seem to love.

Basically, on cruises for kids there is plenty to keep them happy and involved for as long as they want to be. In fact, there are even shore excursions that are often arranged for certain age groups to help them have fun at the ports of call that the ship visits.

All of this fun can often free up parents to be able to actually enjoy their vacation time too without having to constantly come up with things to keep the kids busy and involved. That means more alone time for them in activities that appeal more to them, and each cruise line makes sure that there is plenty of adult fun to be had too.

Many cruise lines even offer both private and group babysitting as an alternative for parents whose children are at least six months old. But all of them that feature cruises with kids have age specific entertainment and programs where kids can get to know others their own age and make friends while under the constant supervision of trained professionals. And of course, parents can keep a watchful eye on their kids as often as they like to make sure that everything is going well.

So if you have tried all of the other vacation ideas or just want to experience something completely different why not consider cruises with kids that let you take your whole family with you and make sure that everyone will have plenty of fun and good times?

Thad Pickering writes on many consumer related topics including vacation travel. You can find out more about royal carribean cruise lines and discount disney cruises by visiting our Vacation Guide website.

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Caribbean Cruises
By Josh Riverside

Planning to go on a Caribbean cruise? You need to decide two things in advance Ė when youíre going and where. Read on for useful information to help you make those choices.

Many people say that the Caribbean islands are best enjoyed during summer, but keep in mind that Caribbean cruises during this time are usually jam packed. This is when families, tour groups, and even corporate assemblies prefer to visit the islands, so if youíre planning to join the pack, be sure to book your cruise in advance. The average cruise length is about seven days.

If you want to enjoy big discounts, though, then try Caribbean cruises during the fall. Rates are substantially lower (sometimes half the regular rate), and you usually donít need to wait in line for slots to free up.

When deciding between Eastern or Western Caribbean, your decision should depend on what you intend to do during the course of the cruise. As a general guide, you should go for a Western Caribbean cruise if you want to spend more time sailing (rather than going on land for other activities). Western Caribbean cruises start in either in New Orleans, Texas, or Florida, and then make their way to Palaya del Carmen in Mexico, the Caymans, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica, among many other destinations. There are many things to do in a Western Caribbean cruise, and toping the crowd favorite are tours of the Mayan ruins.

If you want to do more shopping, though, then you might enjoy an Eastern Caribbean cruise better. This way, you get to see the shopping spots and fantastic beaches of the Bahamas and Puerto Rico (among others).

If you canít decide, it might be a good idea to buy guide books to Caribbean cruises. Many books offer you great advice on the itinerary and the cruise ship to tally with your goals and interests.

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