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If you or your child or school celebrate the many kids career day events, including Take our daugthers and sons to work day, Kids at work day, Bring your child to work day or any other annual event, you know it's big fun for parents and children. Does your child know what you do at work? Are they interested in a particular career, maybe a friend of the family does? Taking kids to work day is a great opportunity for kids to learn what their moms and dads do all day to earn money or for them to spend the day with a friend or relative who has a career of interest to them.


If you're looking for a book about Wall Street, the workings of the stock exchange, kids going to work with parents, or teaching kids the concept of stock trading, Orelda and Corelda on Wall Street is a great gift, teachers aid, educational and entertaining resource book for kids that introduces the excitement of wall street and investing to children in an engaging story about two sisters who travel into new york city one day to go to work with their dad downtown on Wall St.

wall street kids book

Book Type: Picture Book, Coloring Book

For Ages: Children 4-8

Main Characters: Orelda, Corelda, Their Father, Peanut Butter

Synopsis: Kids spend the day at work with their dad and learn all about wall street and the stock market.

This childrens book is a great gift idea for: Kids who visit the stock exchange, kids going to visit the stock exchange, children with a mom or dad who work on wall street, kids who want to learn about trading, sisters who love books about sisters, kids who love peanut butter, a New York adventure book for kids who love or travel to NYC.

Having a school career day?

This kids book makes a fun addition to any teacher's tool box - it's a story, a coloring book and a kids book that explores the working world and the concept of investing money and careers.



Join Orelda and Corelda in the heart of the world financial center when their father agrees to take them to work for the day. All the sisters know about their father's job is that he does lots of trading. Today, they will finally find out what it is all about. Before the day is over, Orelda and Corelda even do some trading of their own. For the girls are surprised to learn that stocks are not the only thing traded on Wall Street. A fun introduction to the concept of stock trading for kids and a kids eye view of visiting the stock exchange and downtown Wall Street in New York City!

A Coloring Storybook for Children ages 4-8. By G. Nazarian and L. Nazarian.

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